Lightning FAST "How To" Walkthrough Creation and In-App Play Back (Web, Desktop or Mobile)

Machine Generated, Ultra Secure, Walkthroughs with Audio & Video in 30 Languages
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Machine Generated Audio, Video and Docs in More than 30 Languages

Automatically create guided tours for software training in any language
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Guided Walkthroughs for Employees and Customers

No Coding Needed | Created with LOVE by Product Managers, marketing managers or customer success managers



Walkthroughs by Marketing Team – Drive Revenue

Automatically launch walkthroughs for the first time users and convert visitors to paid users

  • Focus user’s attention on one feature at a time
  • Target trial users with specific walkthroughs
  • Automatically launch tours for paid conversions
  • Get feedback from trial users
  • All of above can be done by the marketing team (with no help from Engineering)

Onscreen Overlay Walkthroughs with Voice and Video

Onboard Your Users with Step-By-Step Walkthroughs based on roles.

  • Walkthroughs in computer voice or your own voice
  • Walkthroughs with Screencasts, In-app steps and Camera recording
  • Walkthroughs with Screen capture and screen annotation capabilities
  • Allow users to download walkthrough as pdf, ppt or mp4
  • Play walkthroughs based on region and role
  • Play In-App welcome videos in local languages

Walkthroughs By Product Team – Drive Engagement

Launch onboarding videos with walkthroughs, tooltips and launchers  – Drive User engagement with new features

  • Powerful way for product managers to share knowledge
  • Publish in-app walkthroughs or screencasts
  • Tooltips can launch in-app walkthroughs and focus user’s attention on a specific feature
  • Launchers and screen overlays can invoke walkthroughs
  • Access Walkthroughs from YouTube, SlideShare or WordPress
  • Publish Walkthroughs to YouTube, SlideShare or WordPress in ONE CLICK

No Coding Needed, Amazing Analytics

No coding needed to create, Launch with one line of JavaScript 

  • Add GuideMe Studio (Chrome Extension)
  • Create Walkthroughs with video and your voice
  • Install online of embed code for playback
  • Access WalkThrough from YouTube, SlideShare or WordPress
  • Get amazing insights into how your users are using your product

Walkthroughs By Customer Success Team – Drive Customer Delight

Drive self-help 

  • Invoke guided walkthroughs from emails or at first login
  • Send walkthroughs as ppt, pdf or even mp4 video file to customers
  • Delight customers with video walkthroughs and in-app tours with sound in local language
  • Integrate with Zendesk, Freshdesk and Desk
  • Get feedback from customers in-app

New Software Deployment – Drive Change Management

Minimize the change management issues associated with large scale software roll outs

  • Automatically introduce your users to new features and capabilities via interactive tours of new software
  • Ensure your administrators and operations teams have real time help and performance support
  • Significantly reduce calls to your support desk
  • Get real time feedback and suggestions from your users
  • Introduce greater agility into your digital transformation initiatives

In-App Audio Walkthroughs

Play-back Contextual Walkthroughs via IE, Firefox and Chrome extensions OR .js file
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