GuideMe has two core components: Creator and Player.

  • GuideMe Creator is needed to create walkthroughs, convert into multiple languages and download video, pdf, ppptx, and txt files. Get GuideMe Creator for $10 per user per month
  • GuideMe Player is needed for in-app playback. Player can be made 100% secure and can be deployed in a black box (no internet connection needed). GuideMe player pricing is based on # of in-app users. Contact Us for same.


Create HowTo Videos
  •  GuideMe for Video, Giphy and PDF creation
  • 1 Creator License
  •  100 Publishing Actions Per Month
  •  Support via GuideMe Videos
  • Your Brand
  •  No Analytics 
  • No in-app play-backs
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Co-Branded GuideMe + ML
  • Unlimited In-App Walkthroughs, Unlimited Steps
  • 5 Walkthrough Creator Licenses
  •  1000 MAUs
  •  Support via Email and Telephone (US Business Hours)
  • Analytics, SSL
  • Walkthroughs with your brand and theme
  • Co-creation of walkthroughs with GuideMe professionals (20 hours of Service)
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Enterprise Plan

GuideMe with SSO and Enterprise security
  • All Features of Gold plan
  • Unlimited in-app walkthroughs, Unlimited Steps, Unlimited play-backs (Enterprise wide apps)
  • Unlimited creator license + Your brand, colors, and theme (design flexibility)
  • Unlimited MAUs
  • Get your own private cloud, private APIs and secure storage
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager with 24/7 support
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